Saying Farewell, and Announcing a New Endeavor

By Casey Wilson

As the above headline might suggest, the time has come to say goodbye to Kid Lit at UF. It has been a fun few years writing and editing for this blog, but other projects make their demands and so Kid Lit at UF will fade gracefully into the background.

But never fear! We are not abandoning you altogether. If you enjoy the kinds of content we have been publishing here, then you will most definitely want to check out Swampish, the new official blog for the Center for Children’s Literature and Culture here at UF. My colleague (and contributor to this blog!) Mariko Turk has been working hard on getting it off the ground, and I know there is lots of good stuff to come in the weeks and months ahead. You’ll see plenty of familiar names crop up over there — mine included — and maybe even some rerun content from this site. I do hope you’ll join us on that transition.

Casey is a PhD candidate who looks forward to writing for Swampish!

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