2012 EGO Conference: “Borders and Beyond: Considering Communities”

By Casey Wilson

A break from our usual fare today, because I want to take the time to promote this year’s English Graduate Organization Conference, which will be held October 11-13. The theme is “Borders and Beyond: Considering Communities,” and we have a lot of really great papers and projects being shared throughout the conference. Saturday afternoon will bring guest speaker Catherine Tosenberger, who graduated from UF not too long ago, where she was one of our fellow children’s lit scholars. And our keynote speaker is Kristina Busse, whose talk will explore the question of originality in “transformative fanworks.” More information about them and the schedule as a whole can be found on our website, which we encourage you to check out!

As you’ll see below, each day also has a panel dedicated to children’s literature and culture, which I encourage everyone to come check out! All panels will be held in Pugh 210.

Thursday, October 11:

4:00-5:15: Constructed Communities in Children’s Literature

Moderator: Casey Wilson

Rebecca McNulty: Ella Enchanted: Agency of Adaptation in a Cinderella Story

Alyssa Hunziker: Harry Potter: Social Stereotypes in Constructed Communities

Mary Roca: The Hunger Games: Inspiring Rebellion vs. the Search for Self-Identity


Friday, October 12:

2:30-3:45: Between Children and Adults

Moderator: Anuja Madan

Rebekah Fitzsimmons: Experts on Children’s Literature: Communities without Children

Stephanie Evers: Man or Muppet?: The Liminal Mediation of The Muppets


Saturday, October 13:

12:45-2:00: Fiction, Fandom, and Utopia

Moderator: Kayley Thomas

Mary Stephens: In a (Im)Perfect World: Sexual Utopias/Dystopias in Boy Meets Boy and Freak Show

Asmaa Ghonim: We’re Not in Hogwarts Anymore: The Cult of Interconnected Hogwartian Webs, H. Potter Nostalgia, and Us

Alexandra Edwards: In the shadow of no fourth wall: RPF fan communities and the public articulation of a queer utopia

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