And Now, For a Vote

By Casey Wilson

Today’s post is a short one, but one that will hopefully provide a bit of amusement. Over at NPR, they have put together a long-list of 235 young adult novels, that they will soon narrow down to the 100 best-ever YA books. They combined their open nominations last month with the guidance of a panel of experts to name the finalists, and will announce the official list soon.

But of course, the best part is the fact that voting is open to the public. So go check out the list, and pick your top ten, and then come back here and share your picks (Go The Book Thief! Yay, Song of the Lioness!) and complaints (I love hobbits, but The Lord of the Rings is not YA, goshdarnit!).

This is the kind of thing summer is made for, people. Go to it!

Casey is a PhD student who totally voted for Anna and the French Kiss, among other books.

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