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By Casey Wilson

A couple links today:

First, Shannon Hale (Princess Academy, Goose Girl) has an entry on her blog about the role of parents in children’s literature. I have an acquaintance who asserts that a good children’s book must have a dead parent or two; while I don’t necessarily agree, parents in kid lit are often distant at best and dead at worst. That’s what Hale discusses, recounting her own struggles with this as an author — how do you give your young characters agency with their parents at their side to help them do everything — as well as some potential parental figures of note.

And second is an entry by Josie Leavitt on ShelfTalker in which she discusses the experience of running into some teenage boys who used to be active readers and regulars at her bookstore — but who have lost the time for that with high school’s arrival. Walking through Target the other day, I noticed that the teen book section was unusually empty, compared to what it is during most of the school year. One can only hope it’s students in middle school or high school or even college who are finally taking advantage of a chance to read what they want, when they want.

Casey is a PhD student.

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