Kid Lit in the News

By Casey Wilson

Two pieces of children’s media have been making the news quite a bit this past week:

  1. The documentary Bully, which depicts the stories of young students that have suffered from bullying, received an ‘R’ rating instead of a ‘PG-13’. The filmmakers, along with many other people, are concerned that this rating will keep the documentary away from the people who need it most — young teenagers. Blog favorite Linda Holmes has a good discussion of the situation over at NPR; there are petitions to change the rating and a plenty of discussion to be found elsewhere.
  2. The adaptation of The Lorax has been garnering attention for its seemingly excessive product tie-ins, especially those products like, say, cars, which would seem potentially to work against the story’s intended message. And that means that, once again, I will be linking you to The Colbert Report. Additionally, The Lorax, along with The Secret World of Arietty, an adaptation of the classic children’s novel The Borrowers, has been accused by Lou Dobbs of ‘brainwashing’ children into a liberal agenda. James Poniewozik of Time has a rundown and response here.

Casey is a PhD student.

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