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By Casey Wilson

I admit, I’ve been negligent about keeping the blog updated with the activities of the Children’s Culture Reading Group. That changes today!

Last month, we had a lovely discussion about the various forms of Alice in Wonderland. Ranging from the original texts to Disney’s marketing of the Tim Burton film to Spirited Away, we tried to reason out why it is that Alice maintains such a hold on the children’s literature world — and the world at large. We couldn’t solve the puzzle entirely in a solitary hour, but we did arrive at a tenuous conclusion that the story has become larger than its origins, growing closer to a fairy tale that lends itself to many and varied interpretations. (A notion supported by the post-CCRG-meeting announcement that there would be an Alice-centric episode of Once Upon a Time.)

This month, we will be taking a broad view of young adult literature with a simple assignment: come ready to discuss at least one young adult novel released last year. By comparing what will surely be a wide range of choices, given our many and varied interests, we will hopefully be able to make some interesting connections and spot some thematic trends worth discussing. This meeting will be on Saturday; if you’re a UF grad who wants to join us, just let us know and we’ll get you the details.

As for March, let us just say that there’s little film called The Hunger Games coming out…

Casey is a PhD student.

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