By Casey Wilson

A couple weeks ago, a debate erupted within the young adult literature community when two authors announced that they had been by asked by an unnamed agent to remove a gay character (or make him straight) in the novel they were trying to sell. The agent in question responded, asserting that they did no such thing, and the #YesGayYA discussion was born. As with most such conversations, it resulted in cynical attacks, idealistic reassurances, and a few genuinely thoughtful analyses of the issue. What follows are three links worth checking out, if you’re interested:

For an overview of how the #YesGayYA controversy developed, look at YA Highway’s thorough explanation of the situation. It offers a timeline and an overview of some of the most significant reactions, complete with masses of links.

Also look at Cleolinda’s compilation of blog posts, Twitter responses, and stories of authors’ own experiences with similar situations.

If numbers and facts are your game, then go read Malinda Lo’s breakdown of the numbers when it comes to YA LGBT fiction.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, but they should all offer a good jumping off point for anyone interested in pursuing the topic.

Casey Wilson is a first-year PhD student.

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